Our door-to-door service includes the following:

Picking up products at the door

Wrapping and filling products

Storage tank

* Some options may require an additional service fee

The rate excludes the following:

Customs duties on items intended for resale, electronic products, cosmetics and undeclared items. Heavy items, long transport and delivery/collection above the second floor (No elevator access).

Reserve template

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Product category                       Rate in USD by article
Wrapping and filling products       $1.50 per pound
Sac by Voyage Bay Eli               $200
U-Haul Box                               $200
Wardrobe Box                               $300
Transmission / Engines               $450-$950
Bicycles                                       $150
Flat screen TV 30 to 40               $350
Barrel 75 Gallons                          $250
Barrel 55 Gallons                          $230
Large suitcase                               $200
Meduim suit suitcase               $150
Short wardrobe                       $230
Short Barrels                               $210
Sofa - Comptempory Style      $1000
Love Seat - Comptempory           $800
Final table                              $75
Coffee table                              $150
Dining room (4 chairs and table   $500
Bedroom without mattress      $1000
Bed (mattress and box) -      $500-1200
Cars (Sedam) and trucks - Please call us
Additional shipping and handling charges apply to unusual size or weight media items and are collected outside the Washington, D.C. metro area
USD-based rate
Actual weight and volume of shipment will determine final charges.
Call or email us for all other items, such as living room, dining room, bedroom, electronics, appliances, engines, home power generators, computers, cars, office furniture, etc.
Container rental:
Baltimore to Dakar 20ft Fee: $3850- 40ft Fee $5550 - Transit Time 28 Days
Customers are responsible for the costs associated with title compensation and truck transportation. An additional fee may apply for original Bl sent to Senegal via DHL.

Pickup Schedules

Week Ending 10/02/2022

Week Ending 10/09/2022

Week Ending 10/16/2022